Canine Depression & Dog Stress

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Training & information on dog stress

Information on how to deal with your canine’s stress & anxiety so your dog will be happier and live longer.

 It’s not just people who get depressed, dogs can too! You’re probably thinking…Wait, how?
They are dogs, they’re always lazing around, they don’t have enough to worry about to get depression! Well, you’re wrong.


There is such thing as ‘Canine Depression’ or dog stress. 

It’s a harmful thing in terms of mental health for dogs. So let’s cover the main points to see if your dog is stress or has Canine Depression:


Loneliness…Are you there for your dog? Dogs need attention; they need your love and care. Are you too busy at work to notice them?

Routines…From my own experience of owning a dog, I know that they just love their routines, don’t they? When you suddenly change their routine they don’t understand why. GRADUALLY change their routines if you are going to change them at all.


Illness…This doesn’t have to be directed at them. They care about you too. If they are ill,
they need support and medicine. If you are ill, they will notice this and will feel depressed.


Food…Dogs need the right diet. Are you overfeeding them? Or, not feeding them enough, or the right food?


So, how can you notice whether your dog is suffering at all from Canine depression or dog stress? Here are some key things that dogs do if they are under such depression:


1) Don’t eat enough food. They suddenly go off their food and don’t have an appetite.


2) Nervous. They will become anxious and agitated.


3) Don’t follow rules well. They will go off house training and not do the standard commands like they used to do.


4) They don’t drink much. The word ‘thirst’ completely gone from their dictionary.


So, how do you get rid of this awful Canine Depression or simple stress? Well it’s rather simple. If they aren’t eating the food, then try a different food. Nervous? Show that you care for them. Give them attention! They love it!


Another factor of Canine Depression, which I didn’t mention, is Dog Separation.

If you recently got your Dog then it may take a while for it to sink in for them and their new surroundings. As I said before, dogs like certain routines, so being separated from the ones they know well can hit them hard. Very hard.