Dog Separation Anxiety Disorder

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Dog Separation Anxiety Disorder-
Get Out of the Situation Before It Turns into a Hazard!!

Dog separation anxiety is that syndrome wherein a dog shows signs of changes in his behavior. A dog expresses a unique behavioral change whenever he senses a separation from his beloved owner.

Canine Depression; Book On Curing Dog Separation Anxiety

Canine Depression; Book On Curing Dog Separation Anxiety

A dog separation anxiety is generally referred to a situation wherein a dog gets excited and starts behaving in a different manner every time their owner leaves or comes back to home. A dog usually expresses his gratitude and sadness whenever he senses a separation from his owner. This situation can easily disturb dog’s mental health and causes health ailments, thus as an owner you should be careful and take all the precautionary measures and anxiety cures before the condition worsens.

Dog separation anxiety is usually a case with dogs where they are over attached or bonded with their owners. The owners of the victim dogs also complain that their dogs start crying, whining and barking for no reason. Some of the owners also complained that their dogs unnecessarily bark and jumps on to their visitors and tears their pillows and beds coupled with jumping on couch and behaving rudely.

Therefore, if you love your dog you must try and find methods to get rid of the problems i.e. try to get over dog separation anxiety. Some of the ways that can help you capitalize on the separation anxiety, i.e. some dog separation anxiety cures are:

  1. Exercises/ work outs: One of the most popular cures listed on the list of dog separation anxiety cures are exercises. As an owner you should try and make your dog work out and do things like walking, various walking exercises and if possible hire a dog trainer. The main point behind all the exercises is tiring the dog. The dog gets exhausted and will ask for a separation himself. Various training and exercises make the dog obey its master.


  2. Leave the dog alone each day for a few hours and ignore the dog when you arrive. At first you may find ignoring hard but when your pet shows improvement you will definitely involve yourself in the practice. Acknowledge the dog after some decent time gap, this way your dog can cure separation anxiety and remain loyal at the same time. This is one of the most followed dog separation anxiety cures.


  3. Crate training: One of the opted sorts of dog separation anxiety cures is crate training. Train your dog for the crate and leave him there, if he doesn’t go, lead him there, taking the help of long lasting foods like a bone or something. After the dog enters the crate, leave and do not return for sometime and start noticing the behavioral changes, like see whether the dog whines, cries or barks; return calmly and greet the dog. Follow this practice till the dog gets used to loneliness. This is an efficient dog separation anxiety cure.


There are many other efficient ways (apart from the ones mentioned above) which help in curing dog separation anxiety from the core, the only thing is you as an owner needs to find out the other methods and remedies.

Canine Separation Disorder

Tips & Techniques to include training that will help cure your dog of separation anxiety & stress

When dog’s are left alone they can cause all sorts of problems. They might urinate,
defecate, bark, howl, dig, chew or try to escape. This is know as ‘Dog
Separation Anxiety’. This basically is when you leave your dog and they do things they shouldn’t do. Whether its chewing because they are nervous or trying to escape by trying to break the door.

These problems USUALLY mean that the dog just hasn’t been taught and trained properly around the house. Like when you get a new dog, they usually don’t know the rules of your household. However, in some cases they can get depressed and sad.

This is called ‘Dog Separation Anxiety’.

So, how is this kind of anxiety developed? How do they get it? Separation anxiety is started when dogs become sad because they don’t have their guardians with them. As we all know, dogs tend to be rather attaching to their owners and care about them. If you leave to go to work or to go out, they wonder where you have gone and think that maybe you have left them forever.

What do dogs do if they have this anxiety?


Try to escape… Escape attempts by dogs with separation anxiety doesn’t usually happen. However, when it does happen, the can hurt itself and cause self harm. How does it cause self harm? Imagine this. The dog is trying to escape, not necessarily to run away from you, but to FIND you. They will try any method. Usually this is scratching at the door which could make their paws bleed.


Preventing… The dog will usually try to prevent you going out. They will try and do everything they can to stop you going. This usually includes showing distress and barking. When you come back they act as if they haven’t seen you in years. They still recognize
you of course, but they are extremely happy and the depression disappears. It’s only when you go out again that their mind is set to trying to keep you back in the house with them again!


How do you get rid of Dog Separation Anxiety?


They best way is to teach your dog that they will be fine on their own. The best way for them to learn this, is if you go out for maybe an hour and then come back. Keep doing
this and they will get used to the idea that you will always return for them.